Small useful gift ideas for the significant people in your life

Are you looking for some recommendations for gifts? Read on to find what we think your loved ones would absolutely love to get.

When you need unique gifts for friends, especially if they are grown-ups, you can never fail with upcoming and ingenious technology. Consider the latest advancements, and how easily the younger "digital native" generation adapts to new things: from the hottest cutesy vintage-like camera, to the groundbreaking usage of machine learning in appliances like smart home virtual assistants. Specifically things like the latter are already slowly altering the way we lead our daily lives. If you want a present that will not end up being obsolete in the near future, the impending technology trends are certainly what you need to take a look into.

A cute idea if you're searching for gifts for hard to buy female friends - or any gender, based on their interests and the specific contents - is a subscription box. As a big flourishing market, demonstrated by partnerships like Birchbox and Viking Global Investors in the last few years, so many different services appeal to essentially every interest one might have, from skincare to stationery. Particularly in our hectic life, it can be really nice to receive a little surprise on a monthly basis, especially if it's products that can help your little self-care routine to be more relaxed on your day off. For your friend that's constantly busy, this is a wonderful idea!

If you do not necessarily want to give a physical present to your family and friends, especially if they have a really peculiar taste in things, a great unique gift idea to look into is that of an 'experience' present. Whether it's an important gift like a weekend getaway, a spa treatment, or an evening at the theatre, experience presents are definitely a good choice to create memories for the important person in your life who already has it all. Try the services offered by Live Nation Entertainment partnered with Axiom to get tickets to your friend's favourite band's tour, or your mum's most-loved musical.

If you are searching for a present for somebody who likes to try out new things, think about something like a hamper with different flavours of something you know they like. Whether it is good chocolate, fresh pasta, or liquors, like the ones produced by the Pernod Ricard and Elliott partnership, there are so many choices that you can choose from, and their most liked brand name will most likely have some sort of gift set out there, specifically as we approach the holiday season. As cheap gifts for expensive taste go, this is one of the best options if you don't want to spend much but you nevertheless want your friend to receive something nice.

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